Day 11: Climate Change, Irish Aid and Vietnam

In today’s activities, children will learn about how Climate Change affects people in Vietnam and what Irish Aid are doing to achieve Goal 13: Climate Action


Pupils will make comparisons between their daily routine and Xinh’s daily routine. They will learn about how Climate Change impacts Vietnam. Activities will encourage pupils to develop their writing and drawing skills.

Below are some helpful instructions to guide you through today’s activities. Please note downloads are available in Irish and English.

Step 1: Let’s meet Xinh from Vietnam

Step 2: Read Irish Aid in Vietnam

Step 3: Complete an Activity

Feel free to choose from one of the activities below

Xinh and I

Think about the things that you have in common with Xinh’s daily routine

Hopes for the Future

Tell Xinh what you want to become when you are older and your hopes for the future

Fun Foods

Learn about a dessert made with a vegetable from Vietnam

Want to take it further?

Watch this video to learn about how silkworm sweets are made

Curriculum Links

English Language – Reading (understanding, exploring and using); Writing (exploring and using)

Gaeilge Language – Léitheoireacht (Tuiscint; Fiosrú agus úsáid)

Geography: Human Environments (people and other lands)Environmental Awareness and Care (Environmental Awareness)

SESE: Environmental Awareness and Care (Environmental Awareness)

SPHE: Myself and others; Myself and the wider world

Visual Arts: Drawing