What are the Global Goals?

In 2015, leaders of 193 countries, including Ireland, came together at a big meeting in the United Nations to look at the most serious problems facing the world. They spoke about what had been achieved by countries working together since the year 2000 to fight poverty, but also how there were still a lot of problems facing our world. They came up with a new plan to rid the world of poverty and hunger, to fight injustice, and to protect the environment. These leaders of both rich and poor countries wanted to make a better life for all people now and in the future. This is a big job which will take time, so they agreed on a list of Goals to be achieved by the world by 2030 (what age will you be in 2030?). They have called these goals the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

All 193 countries have promised to work really hard together to achieve these 17 Goals.

  1. End poverty
  2. End hunger
  3. Make sure everyone can live healthy lives
  4. Make sure everyone gets a good education
  5. Make sure that women and girls get the same chances as men and boys
  6. Make sure that everyone has access to clean water and proper toilets
  7. Make sure that everyone has enough heat, light and power without damaging the environment
  8. Help countries to develop and provide good jobs in a way that benefits everyone
  9. Build schools, hospitals and roads, and promote creative businesses and industries, that make the people’s lives better
  10. Make sure that everyone is treated fairly and that countries treat each other fairly
  11. Make cities environmentally friendly and safe communities where people can live well
  12. Make sure we only buy or use what we need so that we do not use up the earth’s scarce resources
  13. Act now to fight climate change
  14. Look after the life in our oceans and seas
  15. Look after forests, animals and the earth itself
  16. Work for peace and justice inside and between countries
  17. Countries will work together as partners to achieve the Global Goals and make the world a better place for everyone