Day 7: Introduction to Goal 4: Quality Education

In today’s activities, pupils will be introduced to Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education.


They will learn about Quality Education targets, what it means to receive a Quality Education and key terms and phrases such as human rights. Activities will test their understanding of the targets and encourage pupils to reflect on their own education.

Below are some helpful instructions to guide you through today’s activities. Please note downloads are available in Irish and English.

Step 1: Read ‘What’s Goal 4 Quality Education all About?

Read ‘What’s Goal 4 Quality Education all About? to learn what it means to get a quality education and what Irish Aid are doing to support this goal!

Download PDF: English | Irish

Step 2: Take at look at Quality Education Targets to learn about what we need to do to achieve Goal 4

Download PDF: English | Irish

Step 3: Complete an Activity

Feel free to choose one of the activities below

Write a Letter

Why do you think school matters?

School Matters

What does school mean to you?

Goal 4 Matching Targets

Want to go further?

Swap, gift or donate your used books. The easiest way to help someone else to learn something is to donate your used books to someone else!  You can make a start right now by going through your books and selecting the ones that you are ready to swap, gift or donate.  Then, when the adults in your family say its ok, you can make your swap, gift or donation happen

Curriculum Links

English Language – Reading (understanding, exploring and using); Writing (communicating, exploring and using)

Gaeilge Language –); Léitheoireacht (Tuiscint; Fiosrú agus úsáid); Scríbhneoireacht (Cumarsáid;  Fiosrú agus úsáid)

Geography: Human Environments (People and other lands)

SPHE: Myself and others; Myself and the wider world

Visual Arts: Drawing