The United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development

193 countries of the United Nations, including Ireland, are working together to create a better world and a better future for us all by 2030, through the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which were agreed in September 2015, with Ireland taking a leading role in negotiations. These Goals which build on the achievements of the previous UN Millennium Development Goals, seek to bring about a better future for children everywhere and for future generations.


The theme for the 2024 Awards is ‘Food for Life’


This year’s theme, Food for Life, invites pupils to learn about the Global Goals and how Irish Aid, the government’s overseas development cooperation programme, is working hard to make sure every human being is included and treated fairly and equally so that we can all build a better world for our families.

Having used our pupil’s magazine and lesson plans to help pupils understand the Goals and the work of Irish Aid in its 8 partner countries, choose the topic which most interests your pupils – the Global Goals, the work of Irish Aid or this year’s theme.

The following are just some of the Goals you might focus on; your project can be about sustainable development generally and relate to several Goals, or you might do something specifically related to any one of the 17 Global Goals.

Goal 2: Zero Hunger 
This goal is about making sure that everyone is provided with enough food, that families everywhere, never go hungry.

Goal 4: Quality Education
This goal is about making sure that all children have the chance to go to school and receive an education, making sure that people everywhere are given the opportunity to learn.

Goal 13: Climate Action 
This goal is about making sure we spread awareness about climate change, it’s about discussing what can be done to tackle this issue so we can all live in a better world.

Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals
This goal is about governments working together for a better world and a better future.


Whatever the chosen topic, it is important to ensure that the project addresses the theme ‘Food for Life, with a focus on the developing world context.