Day 1: Introduction to Global Citizens

Today’s activities will be an introduction to Global Citizens and how you can play your part.


For our first week of the Our World Irish Aid at home learning, we will be focusing on Global Citizenship.

Below are some helpful instructions to guide you through today’s activities. Please note downloads are available in Irish and English.

Step 1: Check Out This Video

Meet Kid President who shares his ideas on How to Change the World

Step 2: Read ‘What is a Global Citizen’

Understand how you can play your part

Step 3: Complete an Activity

Feel free to complete one of the activities below to start on your Global Citizen journey:

Global Connections

(all levels)

Global Citizens Near You

(recommended 5th-6th)

Kindness Bingo

(recommended 3rd-4th)

Step 4: Want to take it further?

Create your own Kid Taoiseach video with a positive message you would like to share with the world!

Remember to share you learning with a teacher or parent!

Curriculum Links

English Language – Oral Language (Communicating, exploring and using); Reading (exploring and
using); Writing (communicating, exploring and using)

Gaeilge Language – Teanga ó Bhéal (Cumarsáid; Fiosrú agus úsáid); Léitheoireacht (Fiosrú agus
úsáid); Scríbhneoireacht (Cumarsáid; Fiosrú agus úsáid)

Geography: Human Environments (People and other lands);

SPHE: Myself and others; Myself and the wider world