Day 5: Intro to Zero Hunger

In Day 5, pupils will be introduced to Global Goal 2: Zero Hunger


They will learn key words and phrases such as hunger, malnutrition, food processing and habits. Activities will encourage pupils to investigate their food, leading them to think about where their food comes from, how much food they waste and how this contributes to world hunger.

Below are some helpful instructions to guide you through today’s activities. Please note downloads are available in Irish and English.

Step 1: Read What’s Goal 2: Zero Hunger all about?

Download PDF

Step 2: Test your Knowledge

Want to go further?

Calculate your food miles

Discover ‘What the World Eats for Breakfast’ Choose one country from the video to research. What other foods do they eat?

Curriculum Links

English Language – Reading (understanding, exploring and using);

Gaeilge Language –Léitheoireacht (Tuiscint; Fiosrú agus úsáid)

Geography: Human Environments (People and other Lands);

SPHE: Myself and others; Myself and the wider world

Visual Arts: Drawing